Title: Supergirl (2015)
Style: Action, Adventure, Drama, Sci-Fi
Runtime: 43 minutes – Rating: 6.5
Director: n / a

Language: English
Total size: 330MB
Cast: Melissa Benoist, Mehkid Brooks, Chieler Leigh …

Plot: Critical was about to explode several years ago, and to avoid this fate, El was sent to the earth yesterday. However, her elder cousin, Kara, also intended to accompany the child as her protector. Unfortunately, for many years before the arrival of the earth, the car suddenly dawned

And discovered by his cousin, who grew up in superman years later, Carna Denver is a young professional in an outstanding job until a destructive crisis is to be used by the cryptic powers he had been for a long time Awakens feelings. Inspired, Kaya decided to imitate the superhero way of her cousin, only to find her siblings

He was introduced to the secretive department of additional campaigns, including cars that were taken on an unknown track. Now with such help, with the help of a midwife, he takes his place as the world’s newest champion, with which the challenging enemies of the new world and its world are.



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